New Jersey Parent Survey

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New Jersey Department of Education School Parent Survey | 2005 – Ongoing

The Parent Survey involves an annual survey of parents of students with disabilities to determine how schools have facilitated parents’ involvement in their child’s program. The parent survey is disseminated statewide to all parents of students with disabilities over a five-year period. Each year a cohort of districts is randomly selected to participate, based on demographic information, to represent the population of students with disabilities within New Jersey.  NJDOE has collaborated with the BCSR to conduct this annual survey since 2005. The BCSR works with the NJDOE to train New Jersey school districts on using an Excel template and FTP site set up by the BCSR to collect parent address data. Each annual cohort contains about 40,000 parent addresses. Surveys are administered by mail and online. The BCSR sets up a 1-800 number to respond to parents’ questions regarding the survey.  Data are cleaned, scored, and analyzed using SPSS. Numerous reports are provided including sections on: response rates, demographics, item analysis, overall and individual district reports, and a district history report.

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