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Patterns of childhood adversities and their associations with adult victimization among incarcerated men and women in Spanish prisons2023

The current study examines if distinct profiles of childhood adversities exist for men and women and analyzes their associations with multiple forms of interpersonal victimization during adulthood.

The Shadow of Childhood Harm Behind Prison Walls: Theory, Evidence, and Treatment2022

With authority and rigor, Wolff employs ethics, law, science, and compassion to call out the anti-humanism roots underpinning the (un)intelligent design of the current correctional system and rings in a new way of intelligently designing and maintaining a just, fair, and person-centered system of asylum, of and for humanity.

Latent class analysis of self-reported substance use during incarceration: Gender differences and associations with emotional distress and aggressiveness2022

Introduction We know little about the prevalence and patterns of substance use during incarceration, and …

Childhood abuse classes for incarcerated men and women: Are there unique gender patterns in abuse classes?2022

This study investigated whether latent class structures of childhood abuse are equivalent for incarcerated males and females.

Violence against incarcerated women: predicting risk through the lens of childhood harm2022

A sample of 564 incarcerated women was used to examine the link between in-prison victimization, childhood (physical, sexual, and emotional) harm, and mental illness.

The prevalence of prison-based physical and sexual victimization in males and females: a systematic review and meta-analysis2022

Rates of prison-based interpersonal harm, while high, varied significantly by type of victimization, sex, and study methodology.

Understanding polyvictimization in prison: Prevalence and predictors among men inmates in Spain2021

Victimization—physical, sexual, and emotional—is part of prison life for a sizable proportion of incarcerated people. …

Childhood adversity classes of incarcerated men and their association with prison-based psychological distress and substance use2020

The current article investigates the association between childhood adversity histories and prison-based psychological distress and …

The association between substance use and mental health symptoms among incarcerated male in Spain2020

This paper explores the association between substance use prior to and during incarceration and between …

Co-morbid psychological distress groups among incarcerated men2020

Purpose This study aims to examine the behavioral health disorders and trauma exposure are disproportionately …

Predictors of substance use among male prisoners in Spain: The role of childhood abuse and social support2020

Objective: Substance use among incarcerated people is prevalent in prisons worldwide. Little is known, however, about …

Associations among psychological distress, adverse childhood experiences, social support, and resilience in incarcerate men2019

This study examines the association between psychological distress and two aggravating factors (childhood adversity and …

Exploring associations between interpersonal violence and prison size in Spanish prisons2019

The majority of research based on prisons in the United States has found a positive …

Are mental health courts target efficient?2018,

In practice, the “problem-solving” movement is an attempt to migrate certain problems present among offenders …

incarceration mental-health
A general model of harm in correctional settings2018

That prisons, as social institutions, are harmful is an accepted fact by corrections experts, although …

The association between substance use and physical victimization among incarcerated men in Spanish prisons2017, , ,

Physical victimization and substance use are common behaviors inside prisons. Yet little is known about …

addiction incarceration international physical-violence
Self-report rates of physical and sexual violence among Spanish inmates by mental illness and gender2016, ,

High rates of mental illnesses and victimization have been reported for prison populations. This study …

incarceration physical-violence sexual-violence
Prevalence and predictors of sexual victimization among incarcerated men and women in Spanish prisons2016, ,

Little is known about the prevalence of sexual victimization (SV) in prisons located outside the …

incarceration international sexual-violence
Screening for PTSD among incarcerated Men: A comparative analysis of computer-administered and interviewer-administered modalities2015

Trauma exposure is overrepresented in incarcerated male populations and is linked to psychiatric morbidity, particularly posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Implementation and effectiveness of integrated trauma and addiction treatment for incarcerated men2015

A controlled trial of Seeking Safety (SS) and Male-Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (M-TREM) examined implementation and effectiveness of integrated group therapy for comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorder (SUD).

Screening for substance use disorder among incarcerated men with the Alcohol, Smoking, Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST): A comparative analysis of computer-administered and interviewer-administered modalities.2015

We test the feasibility, reliability, and validity of using computer-administered self- interviewing (CASI) versus interviewer-administered interviewing (IAI) to screen for substance use problems among incarcerated men using the Alcohol, Smoking, Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST).

Evaluating client selection and selection fidelity: Case of mental health probation supervision.2014

This article describes the process by which clients were selected to participate in a specialized mental health caseload (SMHC).

Mental health specialized probation caseloads: Are they effective?2014

This study explores the effectiveness of a prototypic SMHC implemented statewide.

Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral trauma treatment for incarcerated women with mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.2012

Study examines the implementation and effectiveness of a cognitive–behavioral intervention (Seeking Safety) for comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorder (SUD) for incarcerated women with Axis I mental disorders

Measuring victimization inside prisons: Questioning the questions.2008

This article focuses on the questions used in the prison victimization literature to elicit information on victimization from inmates, compared to questions used in the general victimization literature

The social construction of the cost of mental illness2007

Economists have given little attention to the social construction of illness and how it undergirds …

Modeling costs and burden of informal caregiving for persons with bipolar disorder2006

This paper develops an integrated burden model of informal caregiving, which is contrasted with other more traditional models of caregiving costs, and then uses these models to estimate the financial burden of bipolar disorder.

The community impact of consolidating long-term inpatient care at a single state hospital2000

A community impact model was used to estimate how consolidation of all long-term inpatient care at one state mental hospital affected the town in which the hospital was located

Measuring costs: What is counted and who is accountable?1998

The intent of this  paper is to open up the black box of costing methods and explore the options and trade-offs associated with the different ways that cost outcomes can be estimated.