Marie Fama-McDermott
Email: mfamamc [at]
Phone: (848) 932-1055

Marie Fama-McDermott

Research Project Coordinator

Marie Fama-McDermott joined the BCSR in 2007 as a part-time administrative assistant.  Since then, she has provided research assistance on various projects, including the National Guard, PRAMS, and Transit surveys. In 2011, she joined the BCSR full-time as a Research Project Assistant, and was promoted to Research Project Coordinator in 2015. In this role, she works on the Abstinence Education Evaluation Project, New Jersey Middle School Risk and Protective Factor Survey, New Jersey Student Health Survey, New Jersey Post School Outcomes Survey, and the New Jersey School Health Profiles Survey. Her responsibilities include: supervising field staff, tracking incoming survey data, and coordinating data collection efforts with school officials. Ms. Fama-McDermott also processes financial transactions, monitors grants, and assists with other various administrative duties. Ms. Fama-McDermott holds a Rutgers University Business and Accounting Certificate.

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